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Specie Options

We sell two species:

  • Pine
  • Eucalyptus (gum)

Neither pine nor eucalyptus are indigenous to South Africa.

Eucalyptus trees come from Australia, from where they were imported in the 19th century, while pine trees are from Europe and the Mediterranean, from where they were imported in the 17th century.

Pine poles are more suited for use as planks and timber mouldings in buildings, including homes.

Eucalyptus poles are more suited to building and construction.

Both species are extensively cultivated in South Africa. They should not, however, be considered similar. There are vast differences between the two species of trees.

Here's a table comparing the two species of wood:

Pine Eucalyptus
Wood type Softwood Hardwood
Comes from Flowerless trees Flowering trees
Evergreen Yes No
Density Pine has a lower density than eucalyptus.
Growth rate Pine grows quicker than eucalyptus.
Grain Pine has a lighter grain than eucalyptus.
Leaves Eucalyptus has a broad leaf, compared to pine.